myReflection Prosthesis

Often completely Covered by New Zealand Government Subsidy - Currently up to $613.33inc per breast if paid using government subsidy


  • Onsite consultation by trained female staff (check serviced locations for availability)

  • 3D Scanning in the privacy of your own home (Coming to 35 Bendon Stores Soon)

  • Production of 3D model used to create your prosthesis

  • Two myReflection prostheses

  • Delivery via courier to you in New Zealand

  • Two more myReflection prosthesis as needed during the four year government subsidy period


Additional Services

Additional myReflection Prosthesis (over and above four)

myReflection Prosthesis $99inc

Four myReflection prosthesis are included when you join us.

If you need more during the four years before your New Zealand government grant refreshes, you can order as many as you need.

Note: It takes about a week for us to 3D Print and make your prosthesis before we’re able to send it out to you.


myReflection Rescan

Onsite at your home or one of our agents (eg Bendon) $200inc 

Your body changes, and over the four years your government prosthesis grant is mean to last, you’re almost certainly going to change shape and size.

It’s most common for women to gain or lose weight while undergoing treatment so we offer the option of being rescanned so we can make a myReflection prosthesis that is a perfect fit to you.

You can still use any remaining included prosthesis after your scan too - just in the updated size.
So, for example if you had your initial scan and received two myReflection prosthesis and then a year later wanted to be rescanned, you would pay for the rescan but the two remaining prosthesis are still included in your original payment to us.


myReflection without New Zealand Government Subsidy

Buy myReflection Outright $613.33inc (Normally $995inc)

If for any reason you don’t have a New Zealand Government Subsidy for a breast prosthesis you can still get access to myReflection at any time by buying it outright.

We heavily subsidise subscribers using their subsidy and know that myReflection is still fantastic value for a prosthesis that is made from you, formed to your body, made to be used daily, comes with four full prostheses and in many cases, saves you needing to buy mastectomy bras.




For reservations or information:

Email the team at to learn more or to make a booking.

Alternatively call us on 09 366 3555