Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will it cost me?

A. If you are a New Zealand citizen and have had a mastectomy you are entitled to a breast prosthesis service payment of $613.33 per side. This subsidy will cover your four year subscription provided you have not made any other claims within that four year period.  

Q. What happens to my scan photographs?

A. Once the 3D modelling is complete your photographs are deleted from our system. We never keep any images beyond what is absolutely necessary to generate your 3D mapping file.

Q. Will I be identified?

A. The images will only be of your torso, and these images will be assigned a code for the process of creating your 3D model, your name will not be associated with the images. Your scanning consultant will be only person to associate you personally to your files.

Q. Is radiation used during the scanning process?

A. No radiation is used during the process. The images are created using a photographic process and a model built up using a technique called photogrammetry.

Q. What if I am not a New Zealander and don’t qualify for the government subsidy?

A. myReflection breast prosthesis are available to all women. You can join us with a standard four year subscription for an additional cost.

Q. What do I do if my body changes and my prosthesis no longer matches my natural breast?

A. We can rescan you so that you always have a natural looking prosthesis. Additional scanning within your four year subscription is available for an additional cost. Or you can be re-scanned every four years when you renew your subscription, at no additional charge.

Q. Can I go swimming with my prosthesis?

A. No you can’t swim with your myReflections prosthesis, as it will float but it may also soak up water and deteriorate. We are aiming to have a swim option available in the future as soon as materials science catches up with our needs.

Q. Do I need to purchase a specialised mastectomy bra?

A. In most cases (all of our testing so far) you will be able to use your normal bras or even a sports bra with your myReflections prosthesis. Because they are crafted to mirror your other breast, and because they are moulded to fit you snuggly they are resistant to movement and displacement and are ISO certified to sit against your skin.

Q. What happens if lose or damage my prosthesis?

A. You can order another prosthesis to be made from your 3D model which we have on file. Four prosthesis (per side) are covered within your 4 year subscription period. Additional prosthesis can be supplied for an additional cost.

Q. I have had/am going to have  a double mastectomy, can I get prostheses?

A. If you know you are having a double mastectomy we can scan you before your surgery. If you have already had your double mastectomy we may be able to help you in the future. The team at myReflections are working really hard to establish a 3D  library of breasts which would be used to create comfortable form fitting prosthesis for women who have already had a double mastectomy.

Q. I don’t live in Auckland, how can I get a myReflection breast prosthesis.

A. The team at myReflections are working really hard to bring our services to other centres throughout New Zealand. Although the finished product can be couriered anywhere in the country, at the present time we only have trained female scanners available to map you in the Auckland area. If you are wanting prosthesis from outside Auckland, please get in touch with us.