Custom crafted breast prosthesis
Scanned from you. Formed to you


Crafted just for you

MyReflection breast prosthesis is custom crafted using 3D mapping to perfectly mirror your own unique shape and size, restoring the ‘you’ that you know.  

For optimum comfort, we use a 3D mapping process to scan your chest wall post-surgery so we can perfectly contour your prosthesis backing to your individual chest wall curve.

We use this map to create a mirror of your existing breast or your breast before surgery as a real prosthesis crafted just for you…..because it comes from you.

Our prosthesis is made from a hardwearing, skin safe, ISO certified silicone outer shell, and a soft realistic inner core and is designed to mould to your body with no pressure points or gaps.


Custom moulding for optimum comfort and fit

Our team can meet you in the comfort of your own home to discuss your options. 

Our trained, female expert can scan your remaining breast and chest wall so a custom prosthesis can be made to mirror your curves. The super comfortable prosthesis backing, formed to your exact shape, will ensure it sits securely without gaps. 

Alternatively, your chest wall can be scanned and you can pick a breast size that suits you from our breast library.

Our team will then get to work crafting your unique prosthesis.





"When technology works well, it just disappears. I totally forget my prosthesis is there and it means I can wear my normal bra to the gym and even better, I can give hugs again without worrying about anyone noticing that it's not my own" - Susie



“It doesn’t move, it doesn’t hurt, it is now a part of me and I am not even aware of it being there.
I look like I did before, and the best part is that it can change with me, as I age I can be rescanned and it can be remade to match my changed shape so I will still be symmetrical.”
  - Fay

You are pure geniuses! My parcel has just arrived - and I’m wearing it - and I am just so excited I have been crying!
How can I ever thank you enough? I just hope you can realise what it means to me. I FEEL NORMAL.
It fits, it’s comfortable, and I just feel like me again.
You guys are absolutely amazing ...just had to thank you for changing my life.
— Sue Tilley

Simply Better

MyReflection prosthesis is lighter than a traditional silicone option, making it incredibly soft, breast-like and comfortable. 

Because it is shaped to fit you and is worn against your skin, myReflection prosthesis stays in place and is resistant to movement and displacement.
Meaning you can wear normal bras, without the need for costly mastectomy bras. 

Comfortable to wear all day, every day. 

Developed and made in New Zealand.

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Use it. Lose it. Replace it.

MyReflection prostheses are available on a four year ‘subscription’, the first four prostheses (per side) are included when you join us.

We’ll send you one right away to get you going. When you need more, just contact our friendly team. If you need more than four within your subscription period, no problem, additional prosthesis can be sent to you for a small charge. 

Often women change shape in the years after surgery or chemotherapy treatment. If you need to be rescanned within the four years, just contact us and for a nominal fee you can have your prosthesis updated to the new you. Any prosthesis remaining on your subscription are still included.


We make it easy and affordable

If you are a New Zealand citizen and have had a mastectomy, then you qualify for a government funded prosthesis subsidy.

Your four year myReflection subscription is fully covered within the subsidy. We even make the claim for you. So, providing your full subsidy is available for that period, your four year subscription is covered from the start.  

Wear it like it's part of you. If it wears out, gets lost or you need a spare, talk to us and we’ll send another one (up to four in total).