The scanning process

Your 3D scan will take place at the same time as your consultation in your own home or with one of our 3D Fitting Consultants at a Bendon or prosthesis fitting outlet.

The scanning process  involves taking hundreds of images of your torso which will be used to generate the digital 3D model from which your prosthesis will be created.


Two Scans


The Scan

One scan is done in your preferred non-mastectomy bra. This will create a prosthesis which matches your natural under-clothes shape.

If you don’t have a non-mastectomy bra, the team at Bendon have been superb in helping to find the right size and shape for you to have your scan in.

Your chest wall will also be scanned so that the back side of your prosthesis can be made to perfectly mould to your post-mastectomy shape and ensure a comfortable, stable fit to your chest.

Scanning is totally safe and doesn’t use anything that could cause you harm. We use a technique called photogrammetry to build a model of your torso passively using dozens of frames which are meshed together to build a 3D shape. No x-rays, beams or radio scanning.

If you have recently had surgery, you will need to wait until you have healed up and any swelling has gone down before we scan your chest wall so we can produce the best fit for you in the long term.

If your shape has altered since your last 3D model was created, we can re-scan you to create an updated prosthesis. Rescanning every four years is included in your subscription. Additional scanning and model creation within the subscription period will incur an additional (pricing available on our pricing page).


Made just for me

Your first prostheses will be couriered to you after your scanning is complete. From there, you can contact us for more prosthesis if you want spares or need a replacement (up to four).

We ship anywhere in New Zealand. There may be a small charge for rural and hard to reach places.

The prosthesis

Your prosthesis will be made from a flexible inner core which is coated with hard wearing, flexible, skin safe, ISO 10993-10 certified silicone (Third party tested biological evaluation of medical devices, Part 10: Tests for irritation and skin sensitisation). It is soft and flexible, making it very comfortable to wear.

It will be created from a scan of your own body, so that it fits your unique curves comfortably and snuggly, reducing any gaps or chance of displacement.  


Booking my prosthesis appointment

To book your prosthesis appointment either email enquiries@myreflections.co.nz or complete the contact form on our website.

If you are a New Zealand citizen and you will be claiming your prosthesis under the government subsidy you will need your doctor or oncologist to provide a current medical certificate, including  your NHI number, confirming your need for a breast prosthesis.

myReflection Subscriptions

myReflection prosthesis is available on a 4 year subscription (per side). This works in conjunction with your NZ breast prosthesis service payment subsidy.

Four prostheses (per side) are covered within the four year period. You will receive two prostheses from your initial scan. The other two are available on request at no additional charge within the four year period.

If you would like to purchase the myReflection prosthesis without a government subsidy, this is absolutely possible. Please contact the team and we will guide you. Pricing information is available here.

We will make the claim for you.

Providing your full subsidy is available for that period, there will be no additional charges for your standard subscription. In cases where you have used some of your subsidy and only a partial subsidy is available, you would need to pay the balance of the subscription fee.


Just contact us with you NHI number and if you have already had your scan with us, we’ll already have the 3D model of your prosthesis on file. From there, we can create a new prosthesis for you straight away.

Four prostheses are included in your four year subscription per side. Additional prosthesis within that period can be made at a nominal fee